Lady Calculator

Are you a girl who’s always up-to-date of the most trendy stuff? Do you know what’s in now? If the answers to both questions are “YES”, then you must have this coolest calculator on earth!!
This product is specially oriented to girls who have senses in fashion and willing to spend time and effort to making themselves look GREAT!
We have 10 different types of skins for now and will provide free and more designable skins when we update the version.

Besides functioning as a calculator, this product can also save each of your expenses so that you can keep tracks of it in the most fashionable way.  It’s easy, simple, convenient, and just a click away.

Product functions:
*19 fashionable and cute skins, update for other new skins irregularly
* Custom Skin function for you to pick your favor picture from album as the skin of the calculator
*simple keeping the book function: 24 expense accounts such as food, traffic, and etc.  Searching and viewing the records of a single day or single month
*All functioning are simple and easy, no need to learn or whatsoever 
*Note function available on iPad version

key words: calculator, keeping the book, fashion, trendy

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