Clock Me!

Can’t find the clock you like? Why not make your own clock? Clock Maker provides you many tools to personalized your own stylish clock guaranteed with simple steps and within a minute. You can make a lot of different styles and share it with your friends, making them surprised.  Moreover, Clock Maker is not only a clock, but also a drawing board and a simple photo album


*Adjust the size and position of the clock by finger touch

*44 kinds of fonts for the numbers

*39 kinds of frames

*40 kinds of background images

*Choose pictures from your ipad/iphone/ipod photo album to be the backgrund images

*Make your own background image by using the drawing board

*Drawing board provides different colors and sizes of the drawing pen as well as the colors of backgrounds

*Change the color of clock numbers anytime you want

*Save your stylish clock and change to another one anytime you feel like it As long as your device’s memory is enough, there’s no limit to how many clock styles you can save

*Alarm function ,for your to schedule

*Calendar function

*Slide Show function, viewing your photos in full screen



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