Photo Cut!

Didn’t get a good angle of the photo? Backgrounds are too big or people are too small? PhotoCut provides a solution to your imperfect photos that you’ll have second chances to make those pictures better.  You can cut the photos into any shapes you like with just simply finger touches. It’s easy to use, very user friendly and a great way to give your photos new looks!

Just use your fingers and swap the part that you’d like to keep, then you can cut the photo into any shapes such as circle, square, 4:3  or 3:4 rectangle, total of 4 shapes available. simple!

Save all the modified photos to your iphone or ipad album and use them whenever and wherever; moreover, you can also email them and share them right away with friends.

If you choose to save photos into iphone’s or ipad’s album, the area being cut will be white
If you choose to email the modified photo out, the area being cut will be transparent



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Wilma Williams
    Apr 24, 2011 @ 19:30:11

    The app stopped working after 1 use. The part of the picture that I cut out was a black blob when I tried to use it. Please update soon. This app has potential to be exceptional instead of a big disappointment…especially since I paid for it.


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