Bye! Calorie

Eating health has become one of the most important issues nowadays. In addition, how to calculate the calories of food is now a necessity if one wants to keep a good eating habit. Consuming too much calories without proper ways to burn them will mostly result in overweight and other diseases that associated with it. Let’s learn more about the food we eat daily and calculate the calories intake to examine if we are eating healthy!

Product Features:
*More than 1,000 food and 24 categories that includes ordinary grocery like, starch products, milk products, meat products, fruits, and beverage, etc as well as the most popular food or beverage chain stores such as McDonald’s, Starbucks, and Burger King, etc.
*Diet Plan: Set up your targeted weight and get the appropriate time frame to achieve your goal. You can also make your own diet schedule and the suggested calories intake will be adjusted automatically. It will also remind you of the days left til your goal and the difference between your real weight to targeted weight.
*Search engine: finding food fast and easy
*BMI calculation
*Everyday calories intake suggestion according to your BMI
*Basic exercise calories burning chart
*Set up your own exercise burning chart
*Historical record: records everyday/every week’s calories intake, real weight, targeted weight, and calories intake suggestion
*Add your own food and calories
*Save your favorite food for the convenience to record them more easily
*Every calories information and cumulative calories intake will be shown to examine your data effortlessly!



【PhotoSynthesis】 allows you to composite several photos into one photo to create the effect similar to repeated exposure. It’s easy to operate; what’s more, you’ll definitely find lots of fun along the way!

Product Feature:

*Just by simply smearing the screen to keep the part that you’d like to highlight and combine with another photo of your choice.

*Level of transparency of every photo can be adjusted.

*Synthesized photos can be mailed out or can be saved in the photo album

*Synthesized photos can be use as the new base picture and then can be composited with another photo

1. First select a photo to be the base picture
2. Then select another photo, smearing the screen to keep the part you’d like to keep highlight
3. Adjust the level of transparency of both pictures

Operation is fast and easy by just three simple steps. Repeat the process if you’d like to add a third photo