Reminiscent Brush


Reminiscent Brush can make your photos look classic and full of the feeling of old times. Not only you can adjust the tone of the coloring of the entire picture, but also you can only emphasize on part of the picture of your choice. Just by simple scratches and clicks, you get yourself some extremely artistic photos!

Reminiscent Brush provides the function to moisac your photos. It has 10 different color tones that you can choose. Additionally, you can choose the size of the moisac “tiles” from 4×4 to 16×16. With the filter effect, your pictures can never be too unique and classic.

Reminiscent Brush 將您的相片變得懷舊而古典,不但可調整整張相片的色調,也可僅調整相片中您想突顯的部份。只要用手指塗抹幾回,即可讓回憶充滿藝術感。

Reminiscent Brush 可將您的相片變成馬賽克藝術,10種色系,並可調整”馬賽克磚”的數目(4×4 到 16×16),搭配懷舊效果,讓相片既獨特又典雅。

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