3D PhotoCut

3D Photo Cut provides the solution for an easy and quick for photo cutting, saving the areas of photos that you preferred just by finger touches. Most importantly, the selected area will pop-out in 3D dimension that is also adjustable in any angle and position in your liking, giving your photo a new life and much more interesting look.  Share the modified photo by email and just simply save in your iPhone or iPad photo album.


When saving the modified photos, this app can only save in the flat mode; however,you may take a screen shot of the 3D photos by pressing the home button and the power button at the same time to save them.

3D PhotoCut 提供您ㄧ個快速簡便的剪裁相片工具,以手指畫出妳想保留的區域,儲存在iPhone/iPad的相簿裡,或是Email寄出。

令人驚艷的是,您剪裁完成後,3D PhotoCut為您建構出ㄧ個立體的圖像,您想保留的相片部份區域就像跳出原始相片ㄧ般生動有趣,並可調整立體的角度與位置,讓立體相片呈現多樣而令人驚奇的效果。

注意: 本App 提供剪裁後的平面相片儲存功能,但並無提供立體相片的儲存功能


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