Che Guevara Me

【Che Guevara Me】 converts your color pictures into highly contrast black and white. The result looks surreal, abstract and very “Che Guevara” style.

Moreover, you can keep any part of the picture in color by just simply scratching the screen. plus, you can also adjust the color tone freely as you like.




Just type words to your photo, let the images full of meaning and fun.

You can move , scale, rotate, copy, delete the words freely, also can change the color, adjust the transparent of the words easily.

Build-in 8 pretty ,cool fonts.

Caution: The Version 1.0 only support English letter and numbers.



PhotoSpot allows you transform your photo to fashionable spot style .Each of the pieces of the spot “tile” can move to any place of the picture and they are all size adjustable.




PhotoFix allows you to modify photos more perfectly. By enlarging the photo, you can seamlessly repair the defects on both facial close-up photos and/or non-portrait pictures.
Getting rid of blotches, acne and other areas in which you wish to dismiss, making yourself or friends looking more sophisticated in the picture is already fun.

Moreover, using PhotoFix to work on pictures such as historical sites, paintings, animals, or insects is even more entertaining!!

Use your imagination and create your own master piece!

1. Zoom in or zoom out and move the photos to the point where the desired area is clear to see
2 Click the surrounding area of the desired part and a red box, “fixing tile”, will appear
3 Move the “fixing tile” to where the desired part is located. (Red box will disappear in 1 second)

Repeat 2 and 3, until the photo is completely free of defects


PhotoFix 可讓您完美修補(或修改)相片。藉由放大相片,您可以無縫地將缺陷處修補起來。除了適用於臉部特寫相片,修掉臉上的黑斑,粉刺等部位之外,修改非人像相片也充滿娛樂性,諸如斑駁的古蹟,畫作,身上有斑蚊的動物,昆蟲等等。發揮您的想像力,修相片也可以創作令人驚奇的作品。


1. 任意縮放並移動相片直到想要修改的部份清晰地呈現在螢幕中
2. 點擊待修改部位旁邊的部份,便產生ㄧ個紅色方框的”修補磚”
3. 移動”修補磚”到待修改的部位。(紅色方框ㄧ秒之後消失)


3D Synthesis

3D Synthesis provides with a whole new way for you to synthesis photos in one. One of the chosen pictures can be cut and adjusted. What’s more, it can also be made to 3D dimension that angle. distance, and the position of the picture can be adjusted, making the visual more entertaining and doubling the fun!

Caution: This app doesn’t provide saving 3D dimensional photos; however,you may take a screen shot of the 3D photos by pressing the home button and the power button at the same time to save them