Dramatic Color

Let the photo telling a story. The secret of making dramatic photo is about color hue, contrast and exposure value. [ Dramatic Color ] helps you to make ordinary photos into dramatic movie-like images!

[ Dramatic Color ] will blur the part which is insignificant of photo, emphasize the important part’s contrast and fade the color hue, to make the photo layered. All you have to do is use the circular gradient masking to select the important part of photo, then the rest part will be completed easily.

Next, you can adjust the color hue , exposure , vibrance, brightness,blur and sharpen stronger. Just enjoy the fun of the adjustment and making dramatic images!

The specialty of [ Dramatic Color ] is the 20 gradient colors which are free to match with color hue’s function, for example, try to change the color hue into purple, and add a blue gradient color on it, the image will be changed dramatically. By adjusting the transparency of gradient color, you will create more unexpected color combinations. Also, change the blur effect into mosaic effect is possible. [ Dramatic Color ] offers the full color and grayscale mode as well.

It is still stunning that using [ Dramatic Color ] with landscape photos, specially with photo which is very colorful or sunny day or sunset scene.