Painting X



[ Painting X ] can turn you photo into painting !

Function :

1. Simplify photo’s color and line, but emphasize photo’s dark color and soft focus bright color, to make photo just like watercolor or pastel.

2. Sharpen the dark color to highlight the lines of photo, and make bright color more stereoscopic, to have a oil painting photo.

3. Sharpen the dark part of photo to make a realism comic-like photo.

4. Emphasize the lines of dark color to have a special style of strong contract.

All 9 different painting styles are free to change details such as strengthen lines, soft focus, contract, brightness, emboss, grayscale or yellowish. You can make special and unique painting styles easily by changing all the details.

It’s possible to text on the photos, 46 build-in fonts, 10 color, and free to change size and position.

[ Painting X ] offers low, medium and high DPI.





[Frame Fotos] can frame lots of photos at the same. If you want to frame dozens of photos, [Frame Fotos] is the best choice which can save you a lot of time.

* The size and color of frame is changeable.
* It’s possible to change the frame’s corner into rounded, and adjust the position as well.

app store:

Secret Foto

[Secret Foto] can lock up your album, so that others can not see your private photos.

Fast ways to import photos and create album :

1. Select one or more photos from your build-in album of iPad/iPhone/iPod,and put photos into [Secret Foto] to build a independent album.

2. To build an album from select one or more photos of iTunes’ File Sharing.

* Photo moving : It’s free to move one or more photos from album to album at the same time.
* Photo viewing : [Secret Foto] supports Intuitive Interface
* Photo delete: Can delete one single photo or even the photo album.
* Photo export : Easy to export photos to iTunes File Sharing.

app store:

Blur Partly

【Blur Partly】converts your photo into blur partly


Abstract Me

【Abstract Me】 allows you to Mix your photo with the amazing background image,and converts into a abstract style new photo !

Moreover,you can convert Your color photo to monochrome freely , and it also available to adjust the level of transparency.

Build-in 33 kinds of background images available for v1.0

very Abstract and impressive !


Pastel Me

【Pastel Me】 converts your color pictures into Pastel color image.

【Pastel Me】 converts your color pictures into highly contrast black and white .

Moreover, you can adjust the color tone , color depth freely.


Che Guevara Me

【Che Guevara Me】 converts your color pictures into highly contrast black and white. The result looks surreal, abstract and very “Che Guevara” style.

Moreover, you can keep any part of the picture in color by just simply scratching the screen. plus, you can also adjust the color tone freely as you like.



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