Painting X



[ Painting X ] can turn you photo into painting !

Function :

1. Simplify photo’s color and line, but emphasize photo’s dark color and soft focus bright color, to make photo just like watercolor or pastel.

2. Sharpen the dark color to highlight the lines of photo, and make bright color more stereoscopic, to have a oil painting photo.

3. Sharpen the dark part of photo to make a realism comic-like photo.

4. Emphasize the lines of dark color to have a special style of strong contract.

All 9 different painting styles are free to change details such as strengthen lines, soft focus, contract, brightness, emboss, grayscale or yellowish. You can make special and unique painting styles easily by changing all the details.

It’s possible to text on the photos, 46 build-in fonts, 10 color, and free to change size and position.

[ Painting X ] offers low, medium and high DPI.