Kid Piggy Band

There‭ ‬are more and more parents who pay‭ ‬much‭ ‬attention to their‭ ‬children’s‭ ‬money education‭. ‬If parents can begin their money education for their kids early‭, ‬then these kids will not prone to squandering their money‭;‬

on the other hand‭, ‬they will be more suitable for a competitive society in the future too‭. ‬It is vital to let children receive money education on parent’s‭ ‬knees‭. ‬

For parents‭, ‬it also helps to control the expenditure for raising children to record‭ ‬children’s‭ ‬spending and savings in detail‭.‬
From pocket money‭, ‬special rewards‭, ‬scholarship‭, ‬how would you let your children‭ ‬use‭ ‬these money‭? ‬

Get your children into a habit of saving‭ ‬from the very beginning‭. ‬This is not only‭ ‬for your‭ ‬children’s‭ ‬benefit‭, ‬but it will also help you control your cost‭. ‬Want to raise a future millionaire‭? ‬Just begin with the parent–child money management‭! ‬Let’s‭ ‬start to keep‭ ‬accounts‭. ‬

*Your spending and savings will be categorized‭, ‬and‭ ‬then‭ ‬you will figure out where you have spent your money easily‭.‬
‭ * ‬You can tell‭ ‬how much money is left‭. ‬The number‭ ‬left‭ ‬will help your children make decisions while making their purchases‭. ‬
‭*‬Your spending and savings are recorded day by day‭. ‬In this way it is convenient‭ ‬for‭ ‬tracking your cost‭. ‬
‭*‬You can also fulfill‭ ‬the past records‭.‬
‭*‬You can count your costs and savings in a whole month in total‭.‬
‭*‬Complete functions of a calculating machine
‭*‬A equation can be shown‭, ‬which will help little children have a basic understanding of math‭.‬
‭*‬You can check the bar graphs‭. ‬
‭*‬You can also write down your records in words with‭ ‬the function‭ ‬of‭ ‬notepad‭ ‬in the iPad version‭.


‭* ‬支出と収入をカテゴリによって分けています。お金の使い方が一目瞭然です!
‭* ‬残した貯金を計算し、その金額が子供がお金を使う時に参考になれます。‭*‬出費を日ごとに記録することで、詳しく検索できます。
‭*‬今日以前の出費や貯金の記録が追加できます。‭ ‬
‭*‬出費と貯金を月ごとにまとめて計算。‭ ‬
‭* ‬完備されてる電卓機能。‭* ‬数式表示が、幼い子の基礎数学勉強で役立ちます。
‭* ‬棒グラフで表示、検索。
‭* ‬iPad版のワードパッドで、文字を入力してメモ可能。





* 支出與存入分門別類,金錢的使用ㄧ目瞭然
* 計算剩餘存款,有助孩子在花錢時參考
* 依日期紀錄開支與消費,以供詳細的查詢
* 可補充紀錄今日以前的開支與存款金額
* 整月計算開支與存款
* 完整計算機功能
* 算式立即顯示功能,幫助幼小孩童學習基礎數學
* 條狀圖查詢顯示功能
* iPad版本筆記本功能,可以文字紀錄理財