Photo Cut!

Didn’t get a good angle of the photo? Backgrounds are too big or people are too small? PhotoCut provides a solution to your imperfect photos that you’ll have second chances to make those pictures better.  You can cut the photos into any shapes you like with just simply finger touches. It’s easy to use, very user friendly and a great way to give your photos new looks!

Just use your fingers and swap the part that you’d like to keep, then you can cut the photo into any shapes such as circle, square, 4:3  or 3:4 rectangle, total of 4 shapes available. simple!

Save all the modified photos to your iphone or ipad album and use them whenever and wherever; moreover, you can also email them and share them right away with friends.

If you choose to save photos into iphone’s or ipad’s album, the area being cut will be white
If you choose to email the modified photo out, the area being cut will be transparent






* 塗抹剪裁功能: 只需用手指將相片中想保留的部份輕拭,即可將相片剪成任何形狀

* 幾何圖形剪裁功能: 可將相片中想保留的部份剪裁成圓形,正方形,4:3長方形,3:4長方形,四種形狀

* 儲存功能: 可將剪裁後的相片儲存至iphone/ipad相簿。(裁掉的部份為白色)

* Email相片功能: 可將剪裁後的相片Email寄出。(裁掉的部份為空色)

* 保存功能: 可將剪裁後的相片儲存起來,日後可重複取出使用



Clock Me!

Can’t find the clock you like? Why not make your own clock? Clock Maker provides you many tools to personalized your own stylish clock guaranteed with simple steps and within a minute. You can make a lot of different styles and share it with your friends, making them surprised.  Moreover, Clock Maker is not only a clock, but also a drawing board and a simple photo album


*Adjust the size and position of the clock by finger touch

*44 kinds of fonts for the numbers

*39 kinds of frames

*40 kinds of background images

*Choose pictures from your ipad/iphone/ipod photo album to be the backgrund images

*Make your own background image by using the drawing board

*Drawing board provides different colors and sizes of the drawing pen as well as the colors of backgrounds

*Change the color of clock numbers anytime you want

*Save your stylish clock and change to another one anytime you feel like it As long as your device’s memory is enough, there’s no limit to how many clock styles you can save

*Alarm function ,for your to schedule

*Calendar function

*Slide Show function, viewing your photos in full screen